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About Us

Business life Farben Textile A. S. `s partner and I started as a member of the board of directors. Later, chemicals, purchase, sale and marketing of our company in 1980 we have established about the present.


In later years of dealing with all branches of chemistry, industrial wastewater treatment chemicals, focusing on thinking it would be difficult for us to leverage our knowledge and concentrated in that topic.


Current work is ongoing in the field of industrial water treatment chemicals and other chemicals. We sell almost directly ina 90% of the manufacturers of chemicals, our business partners in Germany Güleç Chemicals Import from the company.


Our products have been selling direct ourselves, especially poly aluminum chloride (PAC) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) products Import from abroad ourselves.


90% of the goods we sell in our warehouse available 12 months of the year.


Our goal is to provide direct services from producers to consumers.


Hüseyin GÜLEÇ

Chemical Engineer

  • The Office
  • General Company


  • All the services that we offer are the best in Turkey,

  • Our product range developed with each passing day,

  • Customer satisfaction in the foreground,

  • Creative and innovative,

    Services provided to human health which is always ranked first,

  • Quality and timely service to an organization called the name of …



  • Keep at the forefront of all activities was exceptional human health,
  •  Raw tedarikimiz business partners with reliable, timely service to offer,

  • To continue our work focused on customer satisfaction,

  • That will help you differentiate yourself in the field of chemistry require special raw materials to be a leading source.


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